27 August 2012
Fabulous weekend performing at Windsong Music Festival in Powassan.  BIG thank you to organizers Michael and Fleur - the most gracious music enthusiasts!  Enjoyed performances by METTAphors, Ron Nigrini & Anne Lindsay, Doug Paisley, Ruth Moody, and Hawksley Workman.  We had the most delightful stay at Piebird Bed & Breakfast.  Hosts Yan and Sherry are living what they love to do and share their passion for homegrown vegan food, seedsaving, and animal friends.  We look forward to visiting Piebird again soon :)
22 August 2012
Last weekend we enjoyed Sarah Slean at Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival and this weekend we are PLAYING at the same festival as Hawksley Workman at Windsong Music Festival - two huge musical influences in two weekends - we are thrilled!  Beckon plays a 45-minute set at 2pm on Saturday August 25th.  For more info: Windsong Music Festival Website
20 August 2012
Enjoyed a joyful Summerfolk Music and Crafts Festival weekend, our hometown folk festival! Highlights include Sarah Slean & Royal Wood playing the grand piano at the main stage, Coco Love Alcorn and Jory Nash's spotlight concerts, our loca l The MacKenzie Blues Band tearing it up in the beer tent, and enjoying Chic Gamine, Lemon Bucket Orchestra, and Pacific Curls for the first time... just to name a few! Special thank you to Coco for inviting Beth to sing backups for Coco and the winners of the Discovery Showcase: Chris Strazz, Mad Casper, Amy Carson Hunter and Diana & Andrew Dawydchak.