Mrs. Goetz 3/4 Class

We received a heartfelt message from Mrs. Goetz, a Gr 3/4 teacher. Each morning her class sings "Beautiful Life" with sign language, it is their "morning Mantra" for their "Project Happiness". The students sent us messages about what the song means for them. Oh my, what a gift, we are so thankful for receiving these messages - a great reminder for why we write songs and sing our hearts out!  Here's one of the messages:  "Dear beckon WE like your muisc beacuse its nice to listen to and it makes us happy inside and peaceful.  WE really hope that you can come to Osprey to our school to see us do sign language to It's a Beautiful Life.  Your song is BEAUTIFUL and we sing it to help us feel HAPPY everyday and joyful.  We feel gratitude because we have a BEautiful Life."  Mickeala, Hailey, Chole, and Raven